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The Art Team

John Janavs
Production Designer
Robert Frye
Art Director
Scott Moses
Art Director
Heidi Miller
Set Decorator SDSA
    While we get the privilege of leading this team, we can't do it alone. Accolades go to: Series Art Director Erin Vizcarra, Assistant Art Director, Andy Broomell, Graphics Wiz, Usen Gandara, Art Department Coordinator, Tessa Pelias, Buyer, Nancy Garber, Propmaster Scott Desantis, and many others.
    None of this would be possible if it weren’t for our Union Crew.  Our large carpentry team , lead by John Shearer and foreman Jeff Locas, built the set meticulously and on time.  The scenic department, led by Argent Lloyd, gave love to every surface.  Lead man, Chris Littleford, worked tirelessly with his crew to make sure that the set was dressed and delivered on schedule, giving attention and love to every detail.  Our graphics and prop departments helped give this season additional polish.  This is a massive undertaking every time we begin our build and our crew impresses, year after year.  We are grateful to get to work with such a talented group of professionals.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!  -John, Robert, Heidi and Scott

Hell's Kitchen is

Like no other.......

Hell’s Kitchen is truly unlike any other show on television.  Some shows accommodate cast living on set, some have heavily designed challenges and four wall sets, but no other incorporates all this and invites 110 members of the public on set, on camera, every other day, to become part of the action in a world as complex as running a restaurant.


The art team creates 24,000 square feet of four-wall, fully experiential space covered from every angle with 78 robotic cameras and a dozen manned cameras hidden within the set walls.  When a guest arrives at Hell’s Kitchen for dinner, they don’t perceive it a set. From the valet stand and the entry to the dinner service, through the two commercial kitchens to the living quarters, the set functions as a complete and seamless real building. The dinner guest is both a spectator and an actor in the drama.


The art department not only designs all these spaces, the challenges, and location shoots, but maintains the functionality of all the kitchens, and support spaces of the restaurant. Air conditioning, fire suppression, plumbing and drainage systems, water heating; the tasks go far beyond normal art department responsibilities and on a schedule that runs 6 days a week, 24 hours a day, for 5 weeks.  At the end, the common sentiment is: “ Wow, I can’t believe we actually got this monster done!”


This team couldn't be prouder of what we accomplish season after season, and we hope that you will consider this tremendous undertaking for Emmy nomination.







Thank You For Viewing  Our Work

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